Healthy Habits That Can Damage Your Teeth

Healthy Habits That Can Damage Your Teeth

Healthy Habits That Can Damage Your Teeth

Most of us know for a healthy tooth, regular brushing and flossing is important!

But what we don’t know is, a seemingly healthy food for our body may actually be harming our teeth. So basically, a healthy diet for your body may not be healthy for your mouth if you are not aware of the below details.

Fresh Fruits and vegetables : Fresh fruits are always considered as healthy eats. Most people love eating them as they are sweet and juicy. However citrus fruits and apples can be acidic. When combined with natural sugars it will linger on the tooth surface and contribute to the development of bacteria. These bacteria will cause teeth decay. Citrus fruits soften the enamel and lead to enamel erosion. Every time after eating the fruits it is important to swish with water and brush the teeth after 30 min.

Dried Fruits : Dried fruits are loaded with nutrients required by our body. But they have concentrated sugars too. These sticky sugars remain on teeth causing the decay. Their small seeds can get lodged in between the teeth. Combine your dry fruits with granola and nuts to keep sugar away from sticking onto the teeth.

Pickled Foods : Pickled foods are good for your gut, but they are equally unsafe for the teeth mainly because of the brine they are stored in. Brine aka pickle juice is highly acidic because of the presence of vinegar in it. You can neutralize this with calcium rich food or floss n brush after 30 min.

Sugar-free Drinks : Many people choose sugar free drinks thinking they are making a healthier choice. It is true that consuming beverages that are lower in sugar decreases the risk of tooth decay but drinking diet or sugar-free beverages does not remove the risk entirely as their Ph levels are low which can cause tooth decay.

Wine : If you drink wine in moderation you can enjoy the benefits of its antioxidants. Unfortunately, both red and white wines contain lot of acid which can erode the teeth and red wine stain the teeth as well. It causes sensitivity and chipping. So, it is a great idea to keep sipping water along with the wine and keep munching some food like cheese to stimulate saliva.

Are you worrying that you are enjoying the above healthy foods without the knowing their effects on your teeth? Time to Book your appointment with us Beyond Smiles