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BeyondSmiles Dental Clinic at Indiranagar and Koramangala – Yearly Check up

Beyondsmiles Dental clinic branch in Indiranagar and Koramangala, has the best dental doctor in Bangalore to see if you have any dental problems and helps you keep your mouth healthy. Leaving problems untreated could make them more difficult to treat in the future, so it’s best to deal with problems with best dentist Indiranagar-Koramangala or if possible, prevent them altogether.

The Latest Trends in Esthetic & Dental Care at Beyond Smiles Dental Clinics at  Indiranagar and Koramangala

Oral Examination

Oral Examination

In our oral examination at Beyondsmiles Dental Clinic at Indiranagar, dental hygienist will likely evaluate the health of gums,  head and neck  and examine the mouth for any indications of deficiencies, oral-cancer, diabetes etc. During regular schedules, our dentist in Indiranagar and Koramangala will likely look at the gums,throat, mouth,and tongue. We  also examine face, saliva, bite and movement of jaw joints.Teeth is cleaned and then the hygienist explains how to  maintain good oral hygiene at home between the regular visits. Our dentist indiranagar may pay special attention to plaque and tartar, because they can re-build up in a very short time. Beverages and tobacco can stain teeth as well. Plaque can lead to gum diseases.

Perform SRPs

Perform SRPs

In beyondsmiles dental clinic indiranagar periodontal scaling procedure and root planing is done thoroughly and with an attention to ensure complete removal of all calculus and plaque from all sites. As periodontitis increases, a greater amount of bone is destroyed by infection. This is clinically deepend of the periodontal pockets and targeted for cleaning and disinfection during the treatment. Infected pockets more than 6 mm is resolved through periodontal flap surgery, performed by our Periodontist.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

At beyond smiles dental clinic  indiranagar, Teeth cleaning is part of oral hygiene and involves the removal of dental plaque from teeth with the intention of preventing dental caries, periodontal disease and gingivitis. In this procedure which is also called as prophylaxis, our dental hygienist removes the tartar that  develop after careful flossing and brushing , especially the areas which are difficult in reaching during routine tooth brushing. Cleaning includes tooth polishing and tooth scaling and also debridement for more of tartar accumulated.

My Colleagues. My Doctors

  • Dr Shobith Shetty
    Dr Shobith ShettyFounder ,chief dentist indiranagar- Beyondsmiles dental clinic

    Specialist in Oral Implantology

  • Dr Satheesh Kumar
    Dr Satheesh KumarConsultant at beyondsmiles dental clinic

    Specialist in prosthodontics

  • Dr Pramod
    Dr PramodConsultant at beyondsmiles dental clinic

    Specialist in orthodontics

Some of the best and highly skilled dentists in Bangalore bonded over coffee to discuss about the dental health scenario in Bangalore. What the discussed most was how Bangalore has few all-in-all dental clinics. That’s how BeyondSmiles was found. As we told you earlier, the backbone of BeyondSmiles is the group of highly skilled dentists. Each of them bringing in their own field of specialization and the result! Well, a truly affordable, state-of-the-art technology oriented dental clinic, at the heart of Bangalore, run and managed by dentists themselves

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  • Beyond smiles dental clinic in indiranagar has a great Care. They are careful and thorough. I am also very pleased with my dental treatment.They are thoughtful in their explanations and provide great care.”

    Sara Parker
    Sara ParkerCompany owner
  • “The indiranagar beyondsmiles dental hygienist and the dentist, both are very friendly and efficient. I got my teeth-cleaned.the doctors take time and answer any questions and also provide  me the desired appointment times which i am convenient with .”

  • “The  hygienist, receptionist, dentist are the best dentist indiranagar , exhibit a very high degree of professionalism throughout the service. Thank you beyond smiles”

    Jeniffer Student


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