Missing Teeth And Hidden Risks

Missing Teeth And Hidden Risks

Missing Teeth And Hidden Risks

Does a single missing tooth make difference to our oral well-being? Yeah, it does make a difference.

Missing teeth can appear to be purely a cosmetic problem but if you look beyond, you lose a lot more than your appearance. Missing tooth will increase your chances of developing long-term oral health problems.

A vacant place created by the missing teeth has several negative effects on your health.

Common problem caused by a missing tooth is the shifting of the adjacent tooth. This abnormal shifting can change a jawbone structure can severely impact speech and can lead to poor chewing which has adverse effect on our digestive system.

Early ageing due facial collapse, speech impediments, periodontal disease, tooth decay, and malocclusion (misalignment of upper and lower teeth) etc. are some more challenges to be faced due to missing teeth.

A vacant place will expose your gum for infections by accumulating food particles. It will become the breeding ground for the bacteria. Left untreated will lead to gum diseases.

Hence it is important to replace the missing tooth immediately.

Here is why Dental implants are the best solution for a missing tooth.

They are the prosthetic tooth made up of titanium. Body accepts this metal without causing any problem.

They look natural and function like a natural teeth.

They can easily adjust to our jaw bones & becomes a permanent part of jaw bone.

Dental implant treatment has the highest rate of success and last for lifetime.

Other than dental implants, bridges and dentures are also used for tooth replacement. These are less expensive compared to dental implants but are not as effective as dental implants.

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