How sugar affects your teeth?

How sugar affects your teeth?

How sugar affects your teeth?

We all know that white sugar has some adverse effect on our overall health.

But how many of us know that it affects our dental health as well?

Different kinds of bacteria are present in our mouth. Some are beneficial to us & some are harmful for our dental health. Sugar acts like a feeder for these destructive bacteria found in our mouth. Sugar we consume influences the PH balance of our mouth when they encounter the harmful bacteria. Maintaining a low Ph level is required for optimal tooth & gum health.

These sugar driven acids remove the mineral on the teeth which is the outer protective layer of the teeth. Repeated consumption of sugar over a longer period will weaken the enamel causing plaques on the teeth. This plaque when left on the teeth dissolves the enamel which contributes to the cavity. Cavity is a hole caused on a tooth caused by tooth decay. If left untreated it can spread into the deeper layers of the tooth & to another tooth as well causing pain & possible tooth loss.

After knowing the effects of sugar on your teeth its time to start implementing the good habits for your oral health.

Cut down on sugar & drink enough water after every meal & drinks to flush out any residue on the teeth.

Brush your teeth daily twice to maintain the Ph level & remove the bad bacteria.

Visiting a dental clinic at regular intervals will help maintain your oral health.

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