Important Facts About Dental Implants

Important Facts About Dental Implants

Important Facts About Dental Implants

A person feels constant discomfort in the mouth when he loses the natural teeth due to decay, injury or extractions. Missing teeth can be replaced with more natural looking dental implants. Dental implants can be customized to blend in with the remaining teeth.

Know the important facts about the dental implants below.

Dental Implants are stronger than natural teeth : Implants aren’t vulnerable to cavities and decay since they hold titanium posts and the custom restoration attached to your dental implants is made from a durable ceramic material. They act as anchors in the teeth and can be used to add dentures, porcelain crowns, and dental bridges. Implants helps you bite with a natural force and minimizes the problems with chewing and biting.

They are long lasting : They are the long term solutions to the unsightly gap and missing teeth. They are an excellent alternative restorative treatment to other dental options such as dentures, bridges, and crowns. While dental bridges and dentures must be replaced throughout the year, dental implants can last a very long time.

They still need oral hygiene : Despite being stronger than natural teeth, dental implants still require proper care. It is important for the patients with dental implants continue brushing and flossing daily and maintain their oral hygiene because inadequate dental care increases the risk of gum disease and can affect other remaining teeth.

They are more user friendly : Although dental implant is critical procedure it isn’t that painful. Successful rate of dental implant is higher than the other alternatives. They do not harm the neighbouring teeth instead they actually preserve the bone and stimulate its growth.

They are pocket friendly : Compared to other replacement techniques dental implants are most economical. As they last longer, with the proper dental care and timely dental care visits entire replacement costs can be saved.

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