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Laser in Dentistry

Laser in Dentistry

First, let us know what laser stands for. It is “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” A thin and concentrated beam of light energy is emitted by the laser instrument. Laser acts as a cutting instrument or vaporizer of tissue allowing it to remove or shape the tissue during a dental procedure.

Laser is used in dentistry for treating hypersensitivity, for removing decayed tooth and to prepare the surrounding enamel for the filling, to reshape the gums and to remove bacteria during root canal procedures and to speed up the teeth whitening process.


Benefits of Lasers in dentistry : Patients like dental laser treatment more than the traditional one as it reduces the discomfort caused by drilling and anaesthesia. Bleeding will be more controlled thus reducing the chances of sutures. Healing time is shorter compared to the traditional method as laser causes lesser damage to the surrounding tissues. Most importantly chances of infections are ruled out during the procedure as the light beam sterilizes the area.

For the above good reasons, modern dentistry is embracing dental laser treatments for more efficient and cost-effective dental procedures.


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