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Why Replacement of a Missing Tooth is Important

Why Replacement of a Missing Tooth is Important

“Life is short, smile when you still have teeth”. This has become an outdated statement, due to the presence of various dental implant techniques in today’s world. The clinical replacement of lost natural teeth with implants is considered one of the most significant advances is restorative dentistry. Dental implants could be the right choice for adults who are struggling to find an appropriate dental solution for missing teeth due to an injury, decay or gum disease. We, at Beyond Smiles Dental Clinic believe that every tooth is important, as each of them play a vital role in the structure of the mouth. Although the most common complaint of patients with missing teeth involves appearance and self-esteem, the importance of replacing them transcends these concerns.


Here are various reasons why it is essential to replace a missing tooth :

Dental implants are correlated to the health of the Jaw bone : Replacement of a missing tooth helps keep your jaw healthy and strong as they prevent bone erosion in the jaw. The natural erosion of the bone begins immediately after the loss of a tooth and leaving it unattended, may lead to the loss of remaining teeth and cause facial features to shrink. Dental implants integrate with the bone and keeps it from deteriorating. This in turn helps maintain a youthful structure, boosts self-confidence and leads to better oral health. An implant stimulates the bone and maintains its dimensions in a manner similar to healthy natural teeth.

Improved general health : Another essential reason to replace a missing tooth is related directly to nutrition and overall health. The location and number of teeth missing may make it difficult to eat certain foods and dental implants allow you to bite naturally, thereby allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods. The strong and full functioning teeth help patients eat hard-to-chew and healthy foods like nuts and fruits as the reduced consumption of high fiber foods could lead to digestive problems. Credible research reports suggest that a compromised dental function causes reduced chewing and swallowing ability, which could in turn lead to illness and shortened life expectancy.

Retain facial Aesthetics : A missing tooth can often lead to insecurities and be a source of embarrassment. Dental implants help retain the natural shape of the face as well as your smile. A well-shaped, symmetrical face and healthy facial skin requires a healthy underlying bone structure and individuals who age gracefully do so, due to their oral and dental health. The erosion of bones results in decreased upward curvature of the lips and dropping of the edges of the mouth, leading to an unhappy appearance even when the mouth is at rest. There is also an accelerated decrease of facial muscle tone in patients with tooth and bone loss, which severely affects muscles and their function. The facial skin sags, causing the individual to look prematurely aged.


Implant supported prostheses offer a far better solution than traditional temporary restorations. When appropriately cared for, dental implants may even last a lifetime making them the best choice for long-term replacement solutions. The advantages of this treatment allow the individual to function with confidence and lead a better quality of life, making it a highly recommended procedure by our expert set of doctors. Smilz Dental clinic provides the most comprehensive implant services, offering both surgical and restorative treatments ensuring the most aesthetic results that resemble natural teeth. To know more about our dental procedures please visit our website, Beyond Smiles